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Meet Aaron

Author & Entrepreneur

Aaron is a Jamaican freelance writer, entrepreneur, investor and now, author. He started his freelance writing career in December 2015 on the freelance service platform Fiverr. After months of trying to be convinced by his friend to join, he finally took the plunge and made a profile.


The first services he offered were writing Business Introduction letters and Sponsorship Letters which he had learnt to do while volunteering at the Jamaica Association for the Deaf as part of his community service requirements for university.


He didn’t receive his first order from a client until 2-3 months after signing up, but once he received his first order and five-star review, he would never be the same again. This first successful order snowballed into more and more orders as well as positive reviews. Before long, Aaron had amassed hundreds of clients in countries as far as Australia, sitting with his laptop in Jamaica.


During this time, he was introduced to different forms of investing and embarked on a business venture with a fellow schoolmate. This venture fostered Aaron’s interest in entrepreneurship and opened his mind to what was possible. The venture garnered attention and partnerships proposals from local and international entities interested in working with the newly-formed company.


As he progressed through university, Aaron’s online presence and his earnings yielded numerous opportunities, enabling him to work with numerous individuals across the world remotely and facilitating travel to foreign countries.


After graduating from university, Aaron continued working as a freelance writer, being approached by clients for exclusive working opportunities. He also worked with numerous organizations courtesy of his university studies and his work as a freelance writer.


In 2020, he made the decision to write a book as a major milestone in his writing career and this decision led to the creation of The Pursuit Series.

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The Story behind


The Pursuit of


In 2020, Aaron decided to write a book. He started by figuring out what he wanted the book to be about and started making notes on his phone and laptop. He wanted to write about success, freelancing, entrepreneurship and money, sharing the experiences and knowledge he had garnered over the years. As the year progressed, the jottings and notes he made on his phone and laptop began to increase and the book began to take shape, but that’s all it did.


At that time, he was working for two different organizations so his focus and attention were often diverted to things that were bringing in money at the time. When his working relationship with both organizations came to an end in 2021, he found myself in a dark place mentally. He wasn’t sure what to do and his book was certainly the last thing on his mind.


Aaron started thinking about his life; what he had accomplished in the past, the value and knowledge he had attained throughout the years and what he wanted his life to look like moving forward. He wanted to pursue his passion of writing, he wanted to live the laptop lifestyle, he wanted to work and earn on his own terms, he wanted to share what he had learnt with others and he wanted to make an impact. But at that time, he was doubtful that this was going to happen for him.


The Pursuit of


During this period of doubt and uncertainty, two of his old clients resurfaced and contacted him, offering him two distinct earning opportunities respectively. After a period of introspection and concluding what he needed to do in order to start living the life he wanted, he negotiated a flexible working arrangement that would provide him with the time and freedom to create that life while still meeting his work responsibilities and obligations. This gave him the push he needed to really work on his book.


As he wrote content for this book, other profound thoughts and jottings emerged about other significant areas of his life such as Love and Life (specifically fulfilment). The thoughts on love were focused on a love of self and his experiences and thoughts with past relationships while the thoughts on life were focused on fulfilment and the elements of living a meaningful life. He said to myself, that these would make for good second and third books in a series format. However, the more these notes and jottings came about and the more they seemed to relate to the other books, the more he thought it would be a good idea to write them all at once and publish them simultaneously. So that’s what he set out to do.


He started to explore all the notes and the jottings on each book and made connections between each book. This decision didn’t delay the completion of one book, but improved the quality of all three as each book and the concepts that were explored related to each other cohesively and aided in each book’s completion.

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At first, he wanted to name the first book “Entrepreneur in Progress”, documenting his still-vibrant pursuit of entrepreneurship, success and greatness, but as the series took shape and a running theme emerged, so did the name of the first book and the series, and as such, The Pursuit Series came to be. After a few months of consistently writing, all three books were completed and their launch announced on Aaron’s birthday on November 4, 2021.


Each book documents a significant part of Aaron’s life and reflects the order with which he lives. Pursuing success and greatness while learning to love yourself and others all in an effort to build a meaningful and fulfilling life and a legacy that lasts.

The Pursuit of





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