Sensitive. Assertive. Veracious. Admirable. Generous. Enthusiastic. These are what it means to be SAVAGE. The SAVAGE brand does not only describe the characteristics I wish to possess and demonstrate in my daily life, but a daily journey of self-improvement and development. A SAVAGE is someone who stands for something, whose persona and presence represent the person they are and the person they strive to be each day. The brand encourages others to be SAVAGEs in their own way, to have clear goals for self-development and to strive to achieve those goals no matter what. The image associated with the brand and the name itself serve a dual purpose; to signify that you should not judge a book by its cover and that something good can come from something once thought to be bad, that your past or even your current state, don’t determine your future. I encourage everyone to be a SAVAGE: to let your good qualities shine and to strive to improve other areas and aspects of your life in pursuit of your best self.


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